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Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart, All you who hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24(NKJV)

Before 2012, I only visited the doctor if I had a bad cough or extreme pain. I literally feared going to the ER because I have an intense dislike for injections. In fact, I had to visit the ER in November because I experienced some unusual pressure in my chest and it was difficult for me to breathe.

I thought I was having a heart attack. Thankfully, my heart was fine, but I did receive a breathing treatment.

Truthfully, a diagnosis was not made because I left after the technicians and nurses were unable to get enough blood to test. After five attempts, I became frustrated with the medical professions sticking me in my arms and hands.

So now, I try to take care of myself. I don’t always eat properly, but I watch my sodium intake, drink lots of water, and exercise.

Here’s something else I do. I monitor my blood pressure daily.

I know my numbers. According to my doctor, my blood pressure is good, sometimes a little low, but I am still a little overweight.

I don’t eat a lot, but I eat some foods that I still need to eliminate from my diet. And, since I no longer work, I have mostly a sedentary lifestyle. Plus, I spend hours each week writing, listening to lessons about writing and researching scriptures.

Friend, God wants us physically healthy. We can’t effectively minister to others if we are not in good shape. I don’t speak at churches, other than reading a scripture, but I hate not being able to attend services as often as I would like to because of bad side effects from the medications I take for stroke prevention.

There is so much I desire to do and God gives me wonderful ideas that would bless others, but I am unable to physically execute them, and that is absolutely frustrating. At times. I struggle with my thoughts, so even writing is challenging, but I keep showing up. I sit at the table facing my computer praying that God will guide my thoughts.

I believe that when we choose to show up despite our struggles, God honors that and He takes what we bring and adds His supernatural powers to our efforts. God anoints what we do, write, or speak.

That is what God does. That’s who He is. We just need to show up, friend.

So, if you are struggling with something today, just show up. Show up as you really pray today. Watch God work out some issues in your home, in your workplace, and even in you.

Show Up

Growing In His Grace Daily,