Trusting God When You Are In a Season of Uncertainty

There are days, weeks, and even months when it seems that I have writer’s block, and I am not motivated to do any serious writing.

The truth is that writing is hard work, especially when one’s desire is to write something profound, inspirational and motivational.

I write a few short blog posts, but my desire is to become a children’s author and to write for young adults.

I started a young adult novel over a year ago, but writing fiction doesn’t come as easily for me. Giving up isn’t an option.

I pray and hammer away at the computer hoping inspiration will float from above, filling my screen with interesting characters, mesmerizing dialogue, and compelling plots.

I know it doesn’t work like that, but sometimes I do have dreams that help me with some of my decisions.

The most difficult challenge is writing dialogue. I understand how to write dialogue, but when I attempt to write words for my characters, the language seems forced.

I guess you could say that I am in a season of uncertainty, but COMPEL has helped me tremendously as well.

Friend, perhaps you are facing uncertainty about some decisions too. Maybe you are uncertain about whether to stay at your current place of employment or look for a higher paying job. Perhaps it’s a relationship that has you troubled today.

The key is to cast our cares on Jesus. Yes, I know that’s not always easy to do, but I believe that God wants to make our dreams come true, especially if those desires bring honor to Him.

Over a period of time, through prayer, fasting and reading God’s word, you will find direction and peace.

So let’s pray, read, meditate on His word, and seek His perfect will for our lives this year. I believe you’ll be amazed by how God will order your footsteps.

Growing in His Grace Daily,


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