My first experience with intercessory prayer was when I joined a church where the leadership made prayer a priority.

We prayed before each service and on Wednesday nights.

Prayer was more than an activity; it was a lifestyle for those who were committed to “standing in the gap” for others.

In the late nineties, we saw God’s spirit bring a group of hurting people together and form a body of praying believers.

We joined hands in a circle at the altar and prayed for our nation, the President and for other government leaders. We prayed for safety in our schools and for unity and love in our church. We prayed for the sick to be healed and for the lost to be found.

I believe our prayers made a difference because we came together in faith, touching and agreeing that God would hear our heartfelt petitions.

And I believe He did. Not only did we pray, but we praised God in advance for hearing and answering our prayers.

Our prayers were “others” focused. And, we believed that God heard the prayers of faith we earnestly prayed. We declared 2 Chronicles 6:19, which asks God to have respect to the prayer of his servant.

Even though I no longer attend my former church, the believers are still standing in the gap for others.