At the beginning of the year I set some health goals.

I want to lose about 7 more pounds by December 31, 2018.

I experienced some setbacks and instead of losing weight I gained a few pounds.

Not good!

It is time to get back on track. That means a return to eating healthier foods and exercising so I can achieve my goal.

I am getting back on track spiritually as well. I want to have a closer and deeper relationship with God.

That means reading my Bible more, praying, and fellowshipping with other Christians.

Unlike my health goal, my spiritual goal is ongoing. It not one of those goals that I can say fits as a SMART goal.

However, I do desire a closer walk with God.

And there are steps I have taken to deepen my relationship with my Heavenly Father.

Below is a list of practices I have implemented over the past 20 or so years:

  • Pray regularly
  • Read the Bible
  • Attend worship services
  • Study God’s word
  • Memorize scriptures
  • Declare and Pray the scriptures
  • Listen to anointed teaching and preaching
  • Listen to uplifting Christian music
  • Fast
  • Daily devotional time

These practices have allowed me to understand God’s word more. And as I learn more about God and His goodness, I appreciate and love Him more. As a result, I want to walk in the right spirit with others.

Growing in His Grace Daily,