God Will Give You What You Need to Succeed 

My efforts to get my writing published failed miserably.

I received one rejection letter after another. 

At the time, I wrote stories for children and I sent the typed manuscripts in the mail.  As I recall, electronic mail did not exist. And, I knew no one who shared my dream.

I had no mentors. 

However, within the last few years I have discovered several programs that help writers achieve their goals. 

God blessed me to find this wonderful information online. As an encourager, I wanted to find a platform to share my faith.  

At first,  I knew nothing about blogging and when I started my blog, I experienced a number of problems, mostly because I didn’t possess the skills to build a website. 

But God…

When I discovered WordPress, I was able to sign up for the courses which helped me grow as a writer and blogger.

I firmly believe that God will put people in our lives who will help us carry out His purpose.  And, He will help us get the information we need to be successful. 

For instance, I have an amazing opportunity to attend a writer’s conference in Concord, North Carolina where I can meet publishers and pitch my ideas for a book or even share a book proposal. Soon I will be learning more about freelancing.

This dream of becoming a Christian writer is finally becoming a reality. 

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

          Matthew 7: 7

Growing in His Grace Daily..


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