He Wants Glory From Your Story

For years I attempted to get approved for Social Security benefits after having several mini-strokes and a moderate stroke in 2012 caused by a blockage in a blood vessel in my brain.  After trying on my own and being denied twice by the Social Security Administration, and being told that I was not disabled, I decided to get an attorney to represent me.

I knew something was wrong when my vision became blurry twice and people appeared as Picasso paintings. 

That was a frightening experience. One moment all was  normal and then it was not.

What happened to cause images to appear in such a distorted manner?

My blood pressure increased so high that it affected my vision. 

And later,  I noticed that my hearing was getting worse. too. Words people spoke sounded muted and twisted. Several times,  I was yelled at by family members because they felt I had ignored them. I became unable to hear in noisy settings. Even today, hearing is a challenge for me. 

My ENT confirmed what I had already suspected.  I had lost the ability to hear normally due to nerve damage on the left side of my body. 

It took years of documentation to support my case. I had and still have a limp, bad side effects from medicines, and impaired hearing. 

Eventually,  I was awarded benefits after three years. When the judge ruled in my favor,  I did not realize what had happened because I had just been discharged from the hospital the previous day,  and the stress of answering questions left me oblivious as to what had transpired. 

It has been a long road, but I am grateful to God for keeping me. 

I am thankful for life and even though I miss teaching,  I can still help my grandson. 

Perhaps you are facing difficult times because of an injury or health concerns.  Please know that you are not forgotten.  God loves you and He will get glory from your story and there is light at the end of the tunnel. He is a Mighty God! 

Be encouraged!  

Growing in His Grace Daily,




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