Protecting Our Valuables

My phone beeped indicating that a new email had just arrived in my inbox. This one was from Next Door, an app used by communities to inform neighbors of events. The message was from an individual in my community. She shared that someone had broken in her house and ransacked her home. A few days later, my sister stopped by my house to let me know that someone had broken into her son’s house twice, gaining entrance by breaking the glass in the kitchen door.  Both of these break-ins occurred at night while the homeowners were away. Glass windows and the doors were broken giving the thief or thieves easy access.  

Valuables were taken

Reports of break-ins are reported almost weekly on social media. And in some cases, car doors have been left unlocked or windows have been left open.

I too have been a victim. 

Years ago, I lived in a small apartment complex. I failed to lock my vehicle and someone went through the glove compartment and even left my car door open.  Thankfully,  I did not have any valuables in the car.

Thieves are after tangible things: jewelry, televisions, computers,  phones, money, and sometimes drugs. 

The enemy of our soul wants to rob us of our peace,  joy, salvation, and even our lives. 

The scriptures tell us to resist the devil and he will flee. Not only that, but we must pray and put on the whole armor of God so we can counter the deceptions of the devil. (Ephesians 6:11)

These are ways to arm ourselves against the tactics of the devil. 

We will not just stand by and let the enemy steal from us.

We will be vigilant in protecting our valuables. 


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