Big Brother: The Dangers of Forming Alliances with the Wrong Individuals

It’s back! 

This is the 19th season of the popular CBS reality show, Big Brother,  which pits housemates against each other vying to win prizes and money. And this season started with an interesting twist based on the theme…Summer of Temptation.  One housemate takes the bait and decides  to accept money at the beginning of the show. His decision cost another individual’s place in the game.  

An online dictionary defines alliance as a union or association formed for mutual benefit.
I haven’t watched the show for a few years, but I find the alliances  the housemates make intriguing.  Some say they will take their housemates to the the end of the game,  but eventually some turn on the members of their own alliance. It happens. I think some of tbe housemates are naive and too trusting. Trusting the wrong folks can have disastrous consequences. One does not need to go to Hollywood to experience what happens when you form alliances with the wrong people. Backstabbing happens in our places of employment, within families, and within the inner circles of small as well as megachurches.  The fallout is never pretty.
In the scriptures, we find God’s people making alliances with their enemies. God warned his people over  and over again about forming evil alliances. 

The same holds true today. Some alliances may cost us a friendship.  Others may cost us our lives.


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