Reviewing Christian Books

Other than spending time with my grandson, I am just enjoying the beautiful weather in the south, reading and writing reviews of Christian books. I’m hoping to receive some books in the mail soon from some well known Christian publishers.

I came across this book, Moon Over Edisto, by Beth Webb Hart, as I was walking through the public library.  However,  I wasn’t looking for a book for myself;  I was there to get some books for my grandson.

Moon Over Edisto  has been a good read. Most of the story takes place in Charleston,  South Carolina. In this novel, the main character, Julia Bennett, returns home to care for her half siblings because their mom, Marney, has been diagnosed with lung cancer. 

The theme for the book is forgiveness. Julia must get past her pain after her best friend from college becomes involved with her dad. Julia’s world is shattered.  Her parents get divorced. Her dad marries Marney and starts a new family. 

Moon Over Edisto is a touching story set in the low country.  I am looking forward to reading more from this best-selling Christian writer. She has two other novels, Grace at Low Tide and The Wedding Machine. I am adding them both to my summer reading list.


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