I am pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

I use positive affirmations to convince myself that I can achieve a particular goal. My affirmations are short and easy to remember. 

I can do this!

I got this!

Trust the process!

Refuse to Lose! 

I realize that just saying these positive statements isn’t enough.I must do the necessary work to achieve my goals.I have to be diligent and that means eating healthier and exercising. 

I enjoy Body Sculpting activities- yoga and weight lifting. However, there are some poses I avoid because of health issues. 

I love watching Gilad. When I was working, my day started at 6 am. I would rush downstairs, turn on FIT TV  and exercise for about thirty minutes. 

I continue to exercise, but now I am adding an eating plan referred to as the military diet.

I discussed this diet with my doctor before implementing it because I take medication for stroke prevention and hypertension. 

This particular food plan limits calories. This may be difficult for some individuals. The challenging part for me is not being able to eat snacks. You can research the plan on the web. I have had great success thus far.