You Can Do This 

I’ve been a single mother since 2008. Raising a teenager is not for the faint at heart. I read recently that doing life alone isn’t   God’s perfect plan for us. All of this was new to me. I had been married most of my adult life,  but all of a sudden I became responsible for everything. I had to pay all of the bills by myself- the mortgage, the utilities, and the car insurance. I was taking care of two houses-my main residence and one rental property. I was completely knackered.

I could have become bitter, but I became a stronger individual. 

As I have stated in some of my previous posts, when you are trying to take care of everything and you’re not taking care of yourself, stress builds up in your body and you can become physically and mentally exhausted. 

So, to all the single mothers,  “Take care of yourself and be encouraged. You can do this.” 

Growing in his grace daily,   Rena


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