What’s Done in the Dark 

My grandson is an active 6- year old who sometimes gets into trouble from climbing or running in the house. A few days ago he was climbing onto a chair in his room. I heard a thud. I went to check on him, but he hid under the covers.  When he does that, I know he’s hurt himself. He doesn’t cry,  but he tries to conceal his injury because he knows he has done something he shouldn’t have done.

Sometimes, we adults mess up too. We try to conceal our actions because we have done something we shouldn’t have done-affairs or embezzling money. We try to hide our actions because we do not want to face the consequences.  Eventually,  we are exposed. And it is never good. 

In the bible,  King David chose some inappropriate actions too. He tried to conceal his wrongdoing by having Bathsheba’s husband killed. 

Affairs are bad. Concealing them is not the answer. There are always repercussions. It is best to just come clean. Lives are going to be shattered when the truth comes out.  So, come from under the covers. 

Growing in His Grace Daily,


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