While I Was Sleeping 

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.”

Henry David Thoreau

I struggled to wake up on that mild December morning from a disturbing dream.  In the dream individuals were enclosed in a structure covered with fencing. I could  not believe what I was seeing. Some of the individuals appeared lifeless. Others  were being held hostage.  I told them that it was 2014. They said they knew. I wanted to get help. I ran. 

I was in a structure on a large farm. The building was under the earth surrounded by more fencing. I attempted to climb out before a guard could get his weapon. People  were assisting me and yelling instructions  as I tried  to free myself. I struggled to climb through part of the fence, but it was enclosed  with electric wires. As I pulled  myself above the surface of the ground,  I could see another taller fence surrounded by barbed wire..

I woke up from the dream wondering about its meaning.

When I share my dreams with some of my family members, they chuckle and roll their eyes. 

I can’t control my thoughts while I sleep, yet sometimes I do feel compelled to share my dreams with others.

Some folks have deep beliefs that God is giving them dreams about others.

Once a lady shared a dream about my daughter while we were in a prayer meeting at church. She said that my daughter was dressed in pink and we were having a funeral for her. She described how beautiful my daughter looked.   I was visibly disturbed about the dream. An older gentleman spoke up and said that he didn’t think that the dream was about my daughter at all.

This woman  lacked wisdom. Some dreams or thoughts should not be shared. 


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