Trust the Process 

The past two weeks have been anything but uneventful. I haven’t been able to use the AC or the heat. And I needed some heat because the temperature was in the low fifties for a few days last week.
The workers returned Friday to run the lines that connect the parts. While one guy worked inside, the other fellow was outside trying to run the line under the floor. They finally finished that part, but there was so much left to do. The furnace had to be replaced as well. This meant tearing out a portion of the wall to obtain more space for a larger unit.
The weather has been a hindrance. By now I thought the workers would have been finished. They’ve had to make trips to the store several times. After getting both units in place, they still need to do all the electrical work and replace the thermostat.

My patience is running on low, but I am reminded that this takes time. It is not going to be completed in a few hours. This is not an easy fix. I am just trying not to allow my nerves to unravel.

There have been too many hiccups. One of the workers has injured himself more than once-cuts, scrapes, and burns.

This is what happens when ‘less than professionals’ are hired to do a job. My landlord hired these guys, but they work on their own schedule. I am not pleased with these men at all. This is not a priority to them, but the bright side is that the temperture has not gotten too high.

When the work is finally completed, my utility bill should come done considerably.

Sometimes it costs us time and money to get things accomplished. And it doesn’t necessarily occur quickly, yet it is worth the wait.

Growing in His Grace Daily,



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