How Can I Help

It is getting warmer. Spring is officially here. I love the spring and warmer weather, but my AC unit is not working properly. When I turn on the air,  the house gets warmer and the internal temperature goes up about three degrees.  So, I turn it back off. 

I had to contact my landlord. Within a few days he had someone here to evaluate the problem. The workers determined that the unit would need  to be replaced. 

An older gentleman came the third  day with his wife. Initially,  I thought she came to keep her husband company as he worked, but she  was actually helping him.  As they were moving some things from the older unit outside in the backyard I heard her ask him, “How can I help?”

Later that day I began to ponder her words. 

How can I help

It is obvious that this woman loves her husband. She displayed such an humble spirit as she worked alongside her husband. She never fretted about handling dirty mechanical parts. She never once displayed a minute of distaste for the task as she helped him. She never complained about getting her nails or her hands dirty. Even after he had finished with that portion of the job she grabbed my broom and the dust pan and swept the pile of dirt off the floor.

I learned a little about the couple. As I chatted with them, he stated that he had suffered two heart attacks in the past.

Some of us could learn from this meek woman. Whether we are married or single,  we can show those around us that we love them by helping around the house and supporting them in their business, career, or educational endeavors. 

How can I help?

Growing in His Grace Daily,




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