Waiting for Teddy Bear

What we are waiting for is not as important as what happens to us while we are waiting.            Trust the process.                    Mandy Hale

Last week I was browsing through one of my grandson’s library book.  It was about Morkies. I had never heard of a Morkie before,  but as I read the book I learned a lot about small dog breeds and designer dogs. I made a decision to get a lap dog. For most of my life I had been afraid of dogs.  I went to the Humane Society to talk to the director about adopting a dog. I wasn’t able to adopt the puppy immediately, but I fell in like with a dog named Teddy Bear. Before I can adopt a pet, I need to get my landlord’s permission. The workers informed me that I needed to spend some time at the center so I can become accustomed to being around animals. 

Several days later,  I went back to the Humane Society. My grandson got an opportunity to meet Teddy Bear as well. Now, I have to volunteer at the center to learn how to care for small animals. The orientation is in about two weeks. I hope no one else gets him because he sure is cute.  He appeared to be extremely calm as I held him.  I like calm. I believe Teddy Bear will be a great fit for my family. Plus, I can have some company while my grandson is at school. I don’t want to get anxious because I believe that I will get Teddy Bear if it is meant to be.

I just do not want to wait for something I really desire, but a waiting period can be beneficial. Waiting is sometimes just part of the process. 

This is truly a challenge for me, but I believe that time will pass quickly and I can educate myself about dogs until Teddy Bear can come home.

For now, I am trusting the process.  


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