Loving Life

Over the past few weeks, I have been super busy. At times my responsibilities  feel  a little overwhelming,  but I try to stay focused on what’s important: taking care of my myself and taking care of my grandson. I would not label myself as a ‘busy bee’ but at this point in my life I’m learning how to really love me and how to love this time on Earth that I’ve been given.  I’ve decided to use my time here wisely. Time is the one thing we can never get back. 

Some years ago I was taking care of everyone: my daughter, and helping with her two kids. And even before that, I was trying to keep two houses going and teaching all day. I was taking care of everyone and everything except myself.

I have learned a few life lessons.  No longer am I going to neglect my well being trying to provide for grown folks. No longer am I going to allow others to undermine me or my abilities. I am going to protect my mental and physical health. I am going to love me. Loving myself is going to allow me to love others unconditionally. I am no longer seeking acceptance from others. 


One thought on “Loving Life

  1. I understand your feelings; I too have cared for others and left myself behind; I applaud you for knowing it is YOU that needs loving care. Bless you!


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