If Jesus Had to Pray

 Intercessory prayer is not a new idea for the church, but it may be a new term for some of us. 
I had been a Christian for some years before I first heard the term -intercessory prayer.

I prayed for others, yet I did not fully understand the power involved with intercession until I became a member of  Living Word Tabernacle of Faith. Wednesday nights were reserved for prayer service. We would find a place in the sanctuary and pray individually before coming together in corporate prayer. During our prayer circle, we would pray for family members, the president,  government officials, coworkers, and the schools in our town.

We made the needs and concerns of others the center of our thoughts. 

I still continue to pray and intercede for others. Prayer has become a lifestyle for me. I pray daily for my daughter, my grandchildren, and for my other family members. That’s a given.

 Also, I continue  to pray for my spiritual leaders, the president, and others. 

It is imperative that we intercede for others. The scriptures state that Jesus intercedes for us. 


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