House Hunters 

​Feb 14 Expectation

House Hunters is one of my favorite shows on HGTV. I could spend the entire day watching the show. Not only do I love watching this show, but I enjoy a lot of the shows featuring aspiring home owners as they search for their dream home. 

I have been looking for a home too, but not a dream home. I simply want a small house in a safe neighborhood. 

The exciting part of this process is looking at all the beautiful older homes with spacious rooms and the new homes with modern features.

I hope my expectation to buy a house will not be overshadowed by past disappointments. The difficult part of the process is waiting. I have been paying my bills on time in hopes  of rebuilding my credit. I desire home ownership, but I must do my part to make this a reality. I can’t just jump on the Name it and Claim it mentality and hope that everything is just going to work out my way. 

Nothing is just going to fall in our laps. Faith without works is dead.


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