In Times Like These

As I scrolled through my Facebook page several days ago, I noticed a message by a friend.  He had shared the lyrics to a song: In times like these we need a Savior…

Since the election, people have voiced their concerns about the state of America. Some of my friends have yet to completely accept that Donald Trump is the president. 

I don’t discuss politics with folks. It just leads to heated arguments. I refrain from commenting or liking posts about Mr. Trump.

In times like these…

There seems to be an unsettling feeling in the atmosphere. It feels like we are tethering on something, but I am not sure what. 

Our country appears to be in a state of  unrest. I have not witnessed so many protests in such a short period of time. 

In times like these…

I pray that we Americans can come together in the spirit of unity to make our  country a place where we all will feel safe and accepted. 


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