Discovering Hidden Talents

I am not a pastor. I am not an ordained minister, but I am a Christian who desires to see others use their talents and gifts effectively for the kingdom of God.

For years I attended church, unsure about my calling. I served as an usher, a Sunday school teacher,  and a nursery worker. 

I  participated in the women’s day programs, occasionally making the church announcements or by reading a scripture. 

I do not sing well,  so being on the Praise Team was not an option. 

My pastor had spent some time teaching about the gifts of the spirit, but I still felt lost. 

I had always enjoyed writing, yet I never really viewed writing as a calling until a few years ago. In 2014, I came across a devotional magazine which accepts short meditations from its readers. 

I submitted a few. I haven’t had any published yet, so I decided to start a blog .  

I am confident that God is preparing me to use my writing to minister to others. He has given me this talent, but it is my responsibility to develop my craft. 

I am involved with several programs which are geared towards helping writers improve their craft.  I am learning from some of  the best Christian writers in the industry. 


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