I Found the Pepper! 


On yesterday as I started to prepare dinner,  I realized I didn’t know where the pepper was and all I could remember was my grandson wanting pepper on his fries. I was making steak and potatoes for dinner and I had already placed the other seasonings on the steak. I had sliced my onion and placed it on the steak too, but the pepper was MIA.
When I misplace something now, I have a strategy for not allowing myself to get overstressed. I pray and relax because:

I know that the item does not have legs.

I know that the item does not have wings.

It does not have fins nor flippers.

It can’t go anywhere.  I had confidence that I would find the pepper and I did. I had gone to the store earlier. I left bags on the kitchen table while I started dinner. It was under one the bags.

About two years ago, my grandson misplaced my phone.  I started to become anxious because I no longer have a landline. In fact, I have decided to only use a cell phone because it is becoming too expensive to have both. I am single and the rent and other bills consume most of my monthly income.

We searched for the phone for hours. I don’t do this anymore.

It was New Years Day. I even missed dinner with my extended family because I do like to go anywhere without my phone because of medical concerns. I had a stroke several years ago.

We searched and searched for this phone.  My grandson could not remember where he put it.

We looked in his room- under the bed, in his dresser, in his closet, and in the toy bins.

We could not find my phone.

We searched my room- under the bed, in the bed covers, and in my bathroom.

We searched the kitchen.

We searched the living-room:under the couches, under the cushions, and in the drawers of the tables.

Then, I stopped and remembered that I had not prayed.

I stopped searching!

I relaxed!

Then, I stepped into the hall.

My eyes gazed at the scooter my grandson had gotten for Christmas.  I noticed the pouch attached to the handle bars. I walked to the scooter and unzipped the pouch.

My grandson had put the phone in the pouch.


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