A Virtuous Woman

You lived a full life and you left here on October 6, 2010. I know you struggled with some pain during the last few weeks of your life. On the last day of your life I was there as you took those last few breaths. I tried to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ to you.  I never could carry a tune in a bucket, but I believe the host of heaven must have joined in with me that day as you made your way to the Pearly Gates.  I told you that it would be okay if you wanted to leave and I promised you that my daughter and her new baby would be fine.

I am so glad you got to see my grandson. He has grown to be an amazing handsome busy six-year old. He has two sisters. They live in Charlotte. I do not get to see them much, but they are doing well. I send them toys and clothes.

Their mom, my daughter, is doing fairly well.  Christian lives with me. I love him dearly.

My life is full. I am no longer married, but that’s okay. I am no longer teaching anymore either.

I guess you are reunited with the love of your life, Dad. Tell him hello and that we all are doing well. I now understand his struggles with hypertension. This is difficult to tell you, but I had a stroke a few years ago. I recognized what was happening. The doctors were able to give me tPA. It helped to break up the blockage in my brain. I am doing well. My balance is off, but I am still here!  Now I get to pursue my dreams of getting a book published.

All the children you left are still here. Some of your great-grandchildren have kids. Can you believe that?

Well, your twelfth child and my baby sister, who calls you by your first name still has not gotten married.  She just keeps buying houses and cars. You would be proud of her, but you were proud of her and I am too.

I suppose you have gotten to see your other children, Mary Jane, Ann, and Willie B.

Mom, I wish I had known Mary Jane. It is strange, but no one really talks about her. I do not think I was even born when she passed. I am so sorry for your loss. You were such a strong woman. You buried three children, but you keep going. I guess you really did not have a choice.

Guess what? Obama won a second term. I had never really known you to be interested in politics, but you attended that rally in 2008. We did not get to see Obama in person, but that really did not even matter.

Now, we have elected Donald Trump. He is going to be our 45th president. I was just shocked when I checked my phone on the morning of November 9, 2016. I was shocked. I thought someone was playing a joke. My blood pressure was up for about two days. I thought I was going to have a mini stroke. I am over that now.

He was not my choice. I was so disappointed. I thought Hilary Clinton was going to win the election and be our first woman president. I hope she will run again, but I think she may be done.

So much has happened since you left us. I have to stay here. I have work to do. God left me here when He could have taken me on that warm April afternoon.

I miss you so much!

Love your eleventh child,



P.S.  Tell Anne that her two children are doing well. She is a grandmother. They both have one child. Her girl became a nurse. Her son married a beautiful young lady and they have a girl too. I am not exactly sure what he does, but they moved farther south. She can be proud of them both.




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