Recognizing When You Are Going the Wrong Way

Someday, I am going to invest in a navigation system for my vehicle.

Here’s why…

Several years ago, I was searching for a  teaching position in another county. I received a call from a school district to interview for a job teaching middle school science. I was not familiar with that particular area in my state, so I googled the directions.

The interview was scheduled for a Monday morning. My daughter and I decided to drive down that Sunday evening. We had planned to get a room for the night.

We had the directions and were doing great until I made a turn onto the wrong street.

After driving for a few miles,  I noticed that the signs on the road were not matching the information on the printout of the directions.

I turned around. I do not enjoy being lost.

My daughter called a friend of hers who lived in the area. He told her the road we needed to take.  In fact, he stayed on the phone with her until we found the school and the hotel.

I guess one could say that he was our Navigation system for the night.

So, that is why I have decided to get a navigation system.


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