Right Motives

I have been writing for years now. I have always enjoyed English and Literature when I was in school. Unlike a lot of my classmates, I  enjoyed reading and memorizing poems. My twelfth grade English teacher was an amazing individual, as well as a devout Christian. She would require her students to memorize poetry and notes for how to write a research paper. She was definitely  eccentric. If a student did a great job with the assignment, she would say, “1 and two hen eggs.” That meant your grade was 100.

This is so true. I can not make this up. And if you were fortunate to have her for first period, you could lead the devotion for the day. Yes, this was happening in my high school in the early eighties. Must of her students did really well. She gave us many opportunities to get it right.

I believe I am partly a writer today because of this wonderful teacher.

Today, I choose to write. I write because I want to use my craft to inspire and to encourage others.



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