I Found the Pepper! 

  On yesterday as I started to prepare dinner,  I realized I didn't know where the pepper was and all I could remember was my grandson wanting pepper on his fries. I was making steak and potatoes for dinner and I had already placed the other seasonings on the steak. I had sliced my onion …

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A Virtuous Woman

You lived a full life and you left here on October 6, 2010. I know you struggled with some pain during the last few weeks of your life. On the last day of your life I was there as you took those last few breaths. I tried to sing 'Amazing Grace' to you.  I never could …

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Recognizing When You Are Going the Wrong Way

Someday, I am going to invest in a navigation system for my vehicle. Here's why... Several years ago, I was searching for a  teaching position in another county. I received a call from a school district to interview for a job teaching middle school science. I was not familiar with that particular area in my …

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